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Frequently Asked Queries

The software requires a cloud server, a device, and an Internet connection.

Cloud-based Tally desktop applications are provided by Tally on Cloud. RDP Client can be used from your device with proper internet connectivity to access Tally on Cloud. The Tally on the Cloud admin panel allows your administrators to manage the users, data, printers, backup files, etc. of Tally on the Cloud.

Depending on what kind of License you have, your users will have access to different features. For Multiuser Access you need a Multiuser Tally License.

The administrator can get a snapshot of the data backed up once a user takes a backup using Tally on Cloud Administrators Panel. With Advance Backup Add-on, the entire process can be automated, so your users won't have to worry about taking backups.

There is an RDP client available for all Mobile Devices, including Android, iOS, or Windows, so Tally on Cloud clients can be accessed.

Right from the creation of this Linux based Tally on Cloud System, Tally Solutions team has tested it in details and found to be good enough for serving Tally Application on Cloud in Linux environment.

Tally on Cloud serves Tally Desktop Application over Cloud. With proper internet connectivity, users can access Tally on Cloud with their Username and Password using RDP Client from their device. With Tally on the Cloud admin panel, your Administrators can easily manage Tally on Cloud Users, Data, Printers, backups, etc. watch the video.

Yes, provided there is an environment as secure as Linux and Data access is restricted to certain people in your company. Tally on Cloud provides all this security features and moreover it doesn’t even give direct data access to Tally on Cloud support team.

No, as per the guidelines of Tally Solutions, you need to have your own Tally license to work in your companies created in Tally. It would be against Tally solutions to use a single license for multiple customers and we totally agree with guidelines as set by Tally solutions to avoid problems that could affect our customer’s usage.

Linux is always considered to be far less prone towards web attacks and viruses. So Linux environment provides that extra security to resist any Ransomware, Malware, Virus or hacking attacks while running an Application like Tally on Cloud.

No, Your users access will totally depend on type of License you have. For Multiuser Access you need a Multiuser Tally License.

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