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Why Tally on Cloud

With advanced technology of Tally On Cloud features, you can run your tally account from anywhere at anytime and from any device having any OS with utmost security, stability, privacy and reliability.

  • AAA benefits- Anytime, Anywhere, Any device
  • Improved Performance- Highest Uptime of 99.99%
  • Countless users benefited with Tally on Cloud
  • Speedy and Reliable- Print reports from anywhere
  • Automated Backup Mechanism on Scheduled time
  • Access Ledger Report From Any Device
  • Real time database- no need to sync between locations
  • Highly optimized and surprisingly lightweight

Tally Cloud Without License

Get your version of Tally on cloud at Best price, Pricing Plans Starting from ₹ 299* per user per month only. Zero Hidden Costs. Use your own Tally License.

Run Tally on Cloud Server

Tally Public Cloud

Single User

Unlimited Tally Data Storage
Guaranteed uptime : 99.95%
Free Backup : Daily
Fully managed
Small scale organization

Starting at
₹ 125* /Month
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Run Tally on Cloud Server

Tally Cloud

Single User

50GB SSD Space
Guaranteed uptime : 99.95%
Free Backup : Daily
Fully managed
Small scale organization

Starting at
₹ 299* /Month
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Tally Cloud vps vs Tally shared server

Tally Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) and tally shared cloud are two different types of hosting services.

Tally Shared hosting is a type of hosting where multiple multiple tally are hosted on the same server. This means that all tally share the same server resources, such as CPU, RAM, and disk space. Tally Shared hosting is often the cheapest option and is not suitable for host Tally .

Tally Cloud VPS , on the other hand, is a type of hosting where multiple virtual servers are created on a single physical server. Each virtual server acts as a dedicated server with its own resources, such as CPU, RAM, and disk space.
Tally Cloud VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting but offers more control, flexibility, and scalability.

Tally Cloud VPS vs Tally shared hosting

Resource allocation: With shared hosting, resources are shared among all tally hosted on the server, which can cause performance issues if one Tally consumes too many resources. With Cloud VPS, each virtual server has its own dedicated resources, so performance issues are less likely to occur.

Scalability: Tally Cloud VPS is more scalable than shared hosting because it allows you to easily upgrade or downgrade your resources as needed.

Control: Tally Cloud VPS provides more control than shared hosting. With Cloud VPS, you have full root access to your virtual server and can install any software you need. With shared hosting, you have limited control over the server configuration.

Security: Tally Cloud VPS hosting is generally more secure than Tally shared hosting because each virtual server is isolated from other virtual servers on the same physical server. This means that if one Tally is compromised, it won’t affect other Tally hosted on the same server.

Note : Here, the tax rate remains same, i.e. 18%. Since the supply is intrastate, the type of taxes applicable are CGST + SGST.

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Tally Prime

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Single user edition
For Standalone PCs

₹ 22,500
  • +18% GST (INR 4,050)
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Unlimited multi-user edition
For multiple PCs on LAN environment

₹ 67,500
  • +18% GST (INR 12,150)
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What is Tally On Cloud?

  • The cloud-based version of Tally offers the ability to use the software anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • For recording the day-to-day business data of a company, Tally is one of the most popular ERP-based accounting software packages.
  • Hosted in a Tier 3 Data Center, Tally and data are hosted on virtual machines, using the RDP protocol to enable remote access to the applications.
  • Besides adding integration to other business applications, it also integrates with sales, finance, purchasing, payroll, and inventory.
  • Companies that don't want to deal with maintaining servers. Available in mobile apps for businesses that don't want to worry about maintaining servers.
  • Running Tally from the cloud solves all the limitations. It can be used by Mac and Windows users from anywhere, anytime. It is the perfect solution to suit all business needs.
  • Moreover, as you grow your business, the number of computing resources you need can be increased/decreased within four hours.
  • The cloud experience is also made more effective with add-ons & your service provider will manage its day-to-day operations for you.
Run Tally on Fast and Secure Server

Benefits of Tally working on Cloud.

We provide the best in class security, safety & stability that has made us one of India's best Tally on Cloud services. So start using the cloud for your Tally now!

Cloud Solution

Get rid of everything, use any device, any where to access Tally from our Cloud Servers.

Remote Printers

Make invoice in Tally on Cloud, and print on your local printer connected to your PC.

Flexible Cost

Flexible plans according to your requirements. You can pay monthly, quarterly or even yearly.

Tally Based VM

Utilizing modern technology like virtual machines, Tally ERP on cloud provides integrated solutions with highly efficient features. You can now run Tally Online from any PC or device, using any operating system, using Tally Based VM.

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Tally Dedicated Server

Our dedicated servers use our proprietary software to provide you with a high performing version of Tally ERP hosted on cloud that is based on the all-inclusive principle, which means you will not have to worry about unexpected destruction of your disk drive.

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Tally User Based

Here you can get some lucrative Tally solutions for all types of Tally users including SMEs, MNE's, multinational organizations, and anyone else who utilizes Tally for Accounting, Inventory, Statutory and Taxation, GST returns, or any other kind of Tally on Cloud implementation.

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24/7 Expert Support. Get Tally On Cloud And Work From Home & Anywhere

Tally Cloud For fatest VPS Server

How Tally On Cloud Service Can Boost Your Business

The TallyCloud solution enables the computer systems to be secure and fault-tolerant, with the encryption of confidential files managed at the smallest possible total cost of ownership and terminal size. Users who want to do Basic Accounting activities will benefit from this course, including business owners, business managers, chartered accountants, and students.

Benefits of our services

  • Easily deploy a data warehouse with pre-configured features
  • Modules that are flexible, detailed with web security
  • Integrating security with dynamic directories
  • You can download cloud-based reports to view your financial and operational performance
  • A simple and intuitive way to plan, budget, forecast and analyze
  • With just a single click, you can access the transaction history
  • Whenever a new version of tax or accounting methods is released, it releases a new version.
VPS Cloud Server for Tally Prime


There are some exclusive features of Tally on Cloud that speaks for itself like related to business, auditing, recording and more. It is quite a reliant option ensuring the security and privacy of data. Some of the features are given below:

Complete Cloud Solution for Tally

Speed, Reliability & Multi-user

Running on high speed and redundant connectivity, Tally's servers are hosted on best-tier data centers. Multiple users could access account data on the cloud in real-time.

VPS Cloud Server

Secured Tally Data

Datacenter security and protection are our top priority. Our server ensures that your Tally Data is secured since we make sure that only authorized users can access your Tally account.

Affordable Cloud Server for Tally

Economical - Save Money

Any business that seeks growth through efficiency and transparency can benefit from the Cloud Tally ERP Price.

Fast Virtual Server for Tally

Any Device - Reliable All-Time

Any operating system and any device can access Tally all versions! Remote desktop client software is needed to access it and a secured RDP protocol is used.

Access Tally for Anywhere

Use From Anywhere

Anywhere, anytime access without any kind of strain and with 99.99 percent uptime. Tally accounting software can be accessed via Cloud from virtually any internet-connected location thanks to this technology.

Auto Backup Facility

Local Backup

With Tally On Cloud you Tally Data Backup is taken on the cloud which enables you to Retrieve the Backup very easily. Data will be downloaded on a scheduled basis to your backup device.

Why Choose Tallycloud.net

In addition to providing your organization with its most valuable asset - cloud, record insights, and undefined choice support - the Services we provide are often called an enterprise analytic platform.

Tally Cloud for Fast and Secure Solution

1. Usability

You can access Tally On Remote Desktop from Anywhere, Anytime, and on Any Device when you use the Tally On Remote Desktop connection. You can use it from anywhere, your data is secured.

2. Suitability

Small Businesses benefit from this as they don't have to manage their servers. It is ideally suited for businesses with multiple branches and who want to centralized IT so that the software becomes accessible from anywhere.

3. Budget suitable to Pocket

Any business that seeks growth through efficiency and transparency can benefit from the TallyCloud Price. You can choose a monthly plan that suits your budget, lowering the cost of your business, and increasing your revenue by reducing the overall revenue expenditures.

4. Multiuser Access

Multiple users could access account data on the cloud in real-time. It is extremely beneficial in running of big business as it involves so many people and then it becomes easy for everyone to access it.

5. Security is Priority

Data security is a key feature of any accounting software an owner would look for. With cloud accounting, this act of synchronizing data becomes much easier. Virus protection is provided by the latest Antivirus software.

Frequently Asked Queries

The software requires a cloud server, a device, and an Internet connection.

Cloud-based Tally desktop applications are provided by Tally on Cloud. RDP Client can be used from your device with proper internet connectivity to access Tally on Cloud. The Tally on the Cloud admin panel allows your administrators to manage the users, data, printers, backup files, etc. of Tally on the Cloud.

Depending on what kind of License you have, your users will have access to different features. For Multiuser Access you need a Multiuser Tally License.

The administrator can get a snapshot of the data backed up once a user takes a backup using Tally on Cloud Administrators Panel. With Advance Backup Add-on, the entire process can be automated, so your users won't have to worry about taking backups.

There is an RDP client available for all Mobile Devices, including Android, iOS, or Windows, so Tally on Cloud clients can be accessed.

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